Services & Rates

Albuquerque and surrounding communities

  • Initial evaluation and bodywork session: $100
  •  Subsequent sessions: $80
  • Discount for multiple horses at the same location

Santa Fe and surrounding communities

  • Initial evaluation and bodywork session: $100 plus $30 travel fee
  • Subsequent sessions: $80 plus $30 travel fee
  • Discount for multiple horses at the same location

    Travel fee may be waived for multiple scheduled appointments. Please contact Karen at for details.

Trailer In Sessions in Peralta NM

This is a great option for owners with multiple horses. We have individual pens for horses awaiting their appointments or to rest after completion of their session. No need to tie your horses – we can accommodate up to 4 horses.

  • Initial evaluation and bodywork session: $70 per horse
  •  Subsequent sessions: $50 per horse

Masterson Method Presentations
On The Spot Equine Bodywork offers educational presentations to equine clubs of any discipline/breed, 4H, Pony Club and to equine assisted therapies programs. Presentations and demos can be tailored to fit your group. The presentations are offered to the equine community at no charge. (Limited to one presentation per group per year)

Horsemanship + Masterson Method

Individual session and group clinics.

Individual session

Fee: 1/2 day @ $160 – $250

  • Evaluating your horse’s total care picture: stabling and horse-keeping practices, feeding program, tack fit, training/exercise schedule, issues of concern
  •  Introduction to Masterson Method
  •  Mounted or groundwork lesson

Group Clinic

Limited to 5 participants @ $200 each. 

This full-day group clinic is designed to explore the relationship between horsemanship and the inclusion of Masterson Method in your program. Improve your connection with and understanding of your horse.  Combine Masterson with your horsemanship to improve health, fitness, and performance.  Learn more about the direct relationship between physical discomfort and performance and behavior issues. Participants will have the option to add a ½ day (4 hours) for an additional $300.

Schedule a Session or Group Clinic Now

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