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When Ode came to use, he could barely walk –  his despondence seemed like he’d given up hope. Abandoned at a kill pen, he was dealing with advancing age, arthritis, ligament damage, a heart murmur, and significant malnutrition. Fast forward 2 years and he is a completely different horse!  We attribute Ode’s significant progress to excellent nutrition, lots of love and affection, and Karen Evans’ Masterson therapy. Karen’s skill and knowledge has vastly improved Ode’s flexibility and strength, visibly helping him release tension and pain from old injuries, and actively engaging him in stretching, relaxing, and breathing. After several Masterson treatments, Ode began playing with the young horses, trotting (even cantering) in from pasture, and showing a wonderful curiosity and interest in life. We are so grateful to Karen and the gentle, effective Masterson methods, for helping give Ode the gift of a happy, calm, and relaxed life.

Rebecca and Mark Evanko
Wilderwood Equine Therapy and Rescue