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My horse is a 23 year old Quarter Horse cross gelding. We’ve been a team for 18 years, enjoying trail riding, hunter paces, and dressage. He loved to jump! Although he suffered injuries that limited his jumping career it
didn’t stop him from enjoying the trail & gymnastic flatwork. We’ve been Masterson Method clients with Karen Evans since 2018. “Duncan” receives a Masterson session every 5-6 weeks. He benefits from Karen’s
Masterson Method treatment as it allows him to show his “troubled areas” and then to release accumulated tensions. Duncan isn’t shy about his concern even with the lightest of touch but he is then able to relax into the release of tension. One of the best things about Masterson Method is that it emphasizes “listening to what my horse has to say” – it has deepened my awareness of my horse’s feelings and enhanced our relationship. An additional and very valuable benefit is the training that I’ve received from Karen in techniques (such as the Bladder Meridian) that I do regularly to maximize the positive effects of Duncan’s Masterson sessions and keep him tuned up in between his scheduled appointments. I highly recommend Masterson Method to other horse owners.  In my experience, it has both physical and mental benefits for both horse and owner.