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My horse Marayah is a Trakener / Quarter Horse cross. She is 31 yrs old and we have been together since her conception. My relationship with Marayah is from the perspective of her human, her rider, a lover of horses and as first an allopathic veterinarian, and then as a holistic & homeopathic veterinarian. I began my career as a mainstream, allopathic veterinarian but chose later to follow a career path of predominantly holistic veterinary and homeopathic practice. Marayah has been a Masterson Method regular client with Karen for 3 years and receives sessions every 4-5 weeks. I have observed that Marayah feels better energetically, mentally and physically after a Masterson Method session & that improvement carries over between sessions. As a holistic practitioner I have extensive experience in knowing what energetic improvement looks like. She moves with enhanced ease & fluidity, with improved Range of Motion. Her balance is better. I know that this has positive consequences for any painful or compromised areas in her body. I’ve observed that her release of accumulated tension comes more quickly & that her releases are deeper & more profound. As a holistic & homeopathic practitioner I practice the principle of supporting the body in healing itself. These fundamental principles of Masterson Method – “Listen to what the horse has to say” and “Follow the responses of the horse” as explained to me by Karen are so compatible with my practices. I believe that regular evaluation & treatment with Karen’s Masterson Method sessions supports Marayah’s ability to maintain & heal her body, mind & spirit to her maximum capacity & her quality of life is improved.